Wristband & Order Policy

Everyone wishing to attend the competitions must purchase a wristband. This applies to all competitors and spectators (except for babies and toddlers who aren’t competing). Dancer & spectator tickets are always the same price at our events.

Please see the individual competition sheets for wristband prices. These usually vary between £13- £18pp depending on the event/ venue. 

The dance school teacher should apply for wristbands on behalf of their pupils directly with the competition organiser either in writing or by email. These will be available to order 8-12 months before each event and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please return any unsold wristbands to us no later than 10 days prior to the event. This 10 day period gives adequate time for us to pass unsold wristbands on to other dance schools that may need extras. No more than 20% of your tickets originally ordered will be accepted as returns. Ticket returns will not be accepted on the day of the competition. Any wristbands which you haven’t returned by 10 days before must be paid for in full.

Wristbands may be bought on the day of the competition subject to availability. Tickets will be cheaper to buy in advance through a dance school/ teacher.

Please ensure that wristbands are securely fastened on wrist before arrival at the competition venue and please have ready for inspection at the entry point.

Replacements will not be issued for lost, forgotten or damaged wristbands. Refunds will not be available for unused wristbands.

Payment for the wristbands should be made to the organiser either in advance or on arrival at the competition day.

All qualified teachers attending with the dance school may apply for a complimentary teacher’s wristband. Teachers who are entering any sections of the competition however must purchase a competitors wristband.

Once wristbands have been ordered, the set routine links will be emailed out to your school with a password to access them. This should be for teachers only. There will be a £50 admin charge to any school that fails to attend the competition or returns all of the tickets once the set routines have been sent out.

Tickets that have been left at home by any members of a dance school- Please buy your tickets again at the competition venue and fill in a refund form with our door staff. After the event, you have 2 weeks to return your tickets to us unused. We will issue a refund (minus £3 admin charge per band) within 2 weeks of receiving your bands. Any tickets sent back after the 2 week period will not be refunded. We recommend using signed for delivery so you can ensure your bands have been returned safely.

By ordering tickets for our competitions, you are also agreeing to the above policy.

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