Set Routines

What is a set routine?

The heartbeat of our events…

Our set routines are split-level, pre-choreographed dance routines that we send out to teachers three to four months before an event. For each event, dancers will typically have five to seven routines to choose from, and can usually enter one (some events permit two, check the event programme for details).

Our set routines are broken down in a way making them easy to follow for teachers to learn and use in their classes (even for non Street Dance teachers!) Each routine has two video clips:

  • One video without music showing the counts or descriptions of the moves used.
  • One video showing the routine to music making it clear how it will be done at the event.

Our set routines typically run between 16 to 32 bars (40-60 seconds) in length, allowing them to be used creatively multiple times over the duration of a song. They’re choreographed to complement the chosen music and level, so when used in classes, they flow with the full song, making them perfect content for engaging your dancers week after week.

We know what dancers love to learn in Street Dance classes. We value the importance of foundation Street Dance styles and understand that dancers also enjoy learning commercial-style routines to popular music. Our choreography for events incorporates both commercial-style Street Dance and moves/routines that showcase foundation styles.

Why they work so well..

At On the Beat Dance, we understand that beginners may find “freestyling” in solo competitions challenging. That’s why we’ve crafted a solution that allows dancers to build skills and confidence through our set routines. By learning a pre-choreographed routine with a specific music selection, dancers gain peace of mind knowing that all participants in their category will perform the same dance on the big day. This provides a solid foundation for growth and creativity in their solo freestyle category too.

For our more experienced dancers, we offer higher-level set routines that feature challenging choreography, allowing them to compete at their own ability range alongside peers at the same level. Inclusivity is essential to us, so we’ve made sure there’s routines suitable for all abilities. 

In our solo events, judges have the tough task of evaluating each performance. They particularly appreciate our set routines as they allow them to see all dancers executing the same dance, making it easier for them to assess and mark accordingly. Moreover, coupling the set routine with the freestyle solo option gives every dancer the opportunity to compete again at the same event, fostering the development of different skills between the two types of solo performances.

How to access the routines...

Our routines vary between each event and are accessible to teachers. They are emailed to teachers upon booking a specific event for use in their dance classes/ lessons leading up to the competition. We also offer a subscription to our routines for general classwork/ exams without the commitment of attending any event. Please get in touch with us for more information about this.

What's so good about them....

Easy to Learn

Our set routines are created in a style which makes them easy to learn

Fuels Business

Regular routines give dancers something to work towards supporting regular attendance in classes

Build your Dance School

Our routines are designed to work and repeat throughout the music providing great content for classes that will engage your dancers week on week.

For All Ages

Varied levels to suit all ages and abilities

Great Music

With some of the latest hits and some old school classics, there's music to suit everyones tastes!

Builds Confidence

Sections in competitions dedicated to set routines, giving dancers the skills and confidence to compete

See them in action...

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