Music At Our Events

A guide to music at On the Beat Dance Events

Music isn’t just background noise; it’s the backbone of our event and creates the environment. Get ready to groove as we break down the role of music in the various sections over the day. Please see some useful information below as well as links to our Spotify playlists for dancers & teachers to use in practice.

Our events include four main sections:

Team music is music piece or a mix chosen by the dance teacher and given to OTB prior to the competition day. The piece is set and dancers are judged on their prepared piece as a team. Please see more details on this on the rules section of our website.

Set Routine Solos
The music for this section is chosen by us as well as the choreography and so dancers know what music will be played on the day for their chosen set routine. The music is played from just before the start of the choreography. It will then be played until the judges have completed marking that competition. This is usually anywhere between 40-90 seconds.

Freestyle Solos & Duos:
This is where the DJ does his thing. These sections both include music played at random by our DJ on the day. The DJ will select appropriate music for both of these sections, considering factors like age, genre, and skill level and keeping a balance between challenging and comfortable tracks with an understanding that duos is usually prepared choreography whereas the solo section is a freestyle.

Please see below the BPM (Beats per minute) you can expect to hear at our events for both solo freestyle and duo freestyle

  • Beginner (BEG): 110 – 130 BPM
  • Intermediate (INT): 100 – 130 BPM
  • Advanced (ADV) 90 – 130 BPM

The music is usually played from the start of the selected track. Dancers are encouraged to find a beat before starting. It will then be played until the judges have completed marking that competition. This is usually anywhere between 40-90 seconds.

Note 1- For duos, the piece may need to be repeated if the pair have finished their set and the track is still playing.
Note 2- Advanced dancers for both duos and solos may need to do a dance on (solo). This is usually 12 bars long (12 x 4 counts)

Miscellaneous Sections:
(Subject to programme)

Trios & Quads
This music is set but the choreography isn’t. Please see every programme for set tracks.

Fun Mixed Duos
These will be tracks used from our beginner/ intermediate playlists

House Battle
House dance style music will be played for this section at random by our DJ suitable for the age and level competing in this battle. Please see sample playlist on our Spotify link below

Your Music Toolkit
Practice smart with our handy Spotify playlists: click on the links below for some useful tracks to rehearse to…
(If using any music in your business, we recommend that you have any relevant music licences in line with current legislation)

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