Empress Ballroom - Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Located in the heart of Blackpool, the illustrious Winter Gardens has served as a premier venue for cultural and entertainment events since 1878. With its rich architectural beauty and versatile spaces like the Opera House, Empress Ballroom, and Pavilion Theatre, it provides the perfect backdrop for the dynamic and exhilarating world of street dance.

For more than ten years, On The Beat has been at the hositng street dance events at the Winter Gardens. Our events have drawn hundreds of dance schools from across the United Kingdom, turning the venue into a vibrant arena where dancers compete, showcase and develop their skills.

Directions & Car Parking

Parking: The Winter Gardens does not have onsite public parking. However, there is a large multi-storey car park across from the entrance to the Winter Gardens (Hounds Hill car park). Additionally, there is open-air parking on Adelaide Street, located at the rear of the venue, as well as numerous other parking options nearby. Please check the closing times of any car park you decide to use.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

The building operates a two-tier alarm system. The first stage is a loud intermittent beep; listen and be aware. At this stage, you are not required to do anything; remain focused and vigilant. The second stage is a loud siren with a continuous tone. This sound signifies that we are evacuating the premises. Winter Gardens staff will assist in the opening of all fire exits to ensure a safe exit. Please vacate the building as calmly and quickly as is safe to do so.

Do not attempt to re-enter the venue unless instructed by the on-site staff or the attending fire officers. No access will be permitted until the Duty Manager or the attending officers give full site safety clearance.

The main assembly point is located at St John’s Church, opposite the front of the venue. The Manager on Duty will meet at this location. Instructions will be provided for re-entry or cancellation of the event.

If you are a responsible adult accompanying an event participant and it is safe to do so, please try to locate your dance school lead person at the assembly point to let them know that you have safely evacuated the building.

Changing Facilities

Dancers are strictly not permitted to change in the ballroom or the corridors unless they are wearing a base layer (leotard, shorts, or crop top). If anyone needs to change during their time with us, both male and female changing rooms will be clearly signposted in the Ballroom. Dancers of school age or younger must be accompanied by an adult or a chaperone while changing. Please ask a member of the OTB team if you are unsure where these are located.

Changing facilities are available on the top floor of the Ballroom. For safeguarding reasons, participants up to school-leaving age must be accompanied by a responsible adult into the changing area. It is strictly prohibited to take photos or videos in this area. Changing in public areas is not permitted unless the participant is wearing a base layer, such as a leotard, sports crop top, or shorts.

First Aid

Should anyone require medical assistance at any time during their visit, we will have First Aiders available next to the stage. Please alert any of our staff if you need assistance.

Food & Drink Policy

The venue allows people to bring their own packed lunches inside. Hot takeaway food is not permitted to be brought inside unless it has been purchased inside the Wintergardens 

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