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Thank you for your interest in OTB Events, whether you’re curious about what we offer or have already booked with us. With a legacy of over 15 years, we’ve proudly orchestrated dynamic Street Dance competitions. Our passion lies in curating inclusive, family-friendly events that cater to diverse age groups and skill levels. At OTB Events, there’s a place for everyone to shine, and we’re thrilled to have you join our vibrant community.

Please see below some more information on our events and important things we think you might need to know or find useful for preparing our events. 

Most of our events include the following 4 sections 

  • Teams 
  • Set routine solos 
  • Freestyle solos 
  • Duos 

Dancers can usually enter one of each of the above sections. At some of our events we allow dancers to swap their freestyle solo for another set routine. 

Check out this section here on choosing the right event for your school-

How to book an event
Please make sure you have read and agree to our order policy here

You can book by emailing us in at and checking availability. At this stage, please let us know how many wristbands you require for dancers and spectators in your school. We will reserve your place by taking a deposit and as soon as this is paid, we will send you some initial info including our set routines. Payment for bands is due a few days before the event which we will invoice you for minus your deposit. 

Set Routines 
The heartbeat of our events…What is a set routine? Find out here

These will be emailed to you with links to access them and teach in your classes on the run up to the event. 

How do you know which routines to teach? We suggest having a quick look through them all to start with to decide first of all whether you think all of them might be suitable for the range of levels you have in your school. If for example you have a lot of beginners, you may decide to not use the harder levels at all. Typically schools might teach the younger dancers say levels 1-3 and older ones 4-6/7. Then they would choose which one they like best to enter at the comp. This works well if you have classes dedicated to solos/ choreo and time to easily cover them. If not and they need to cover it in team rehearsal, some teachers might just choose 1 they think is most suitable.

If you look at the programme for each event you’ll see that dancers can choose any dance at any age so if you did have any older dancers who are beginners and wanted to do a lower level, they still can. And likewise any more advanced/younger dancers can do the harder levels. 

Sample Programmes 

Please see links below to a sample programme for both our smaller and main events. You will find typical age categories and levels across each of the sections 

Link to a sample programme for our smaller events 

Link to sample programme for our bigger events 

Details for how to enter your dancers will be sent to you around 6 weeks prior to the event by email. It will include a spreadsheet for you to fill in and return back to us no later than 12 days prior. Your wristbands will then be posted to you just after this point. 

Schedule for the day
Our main events are usually split into 2 sections. Typically under 12 years/ 12 years & over. Our smaller events are usually split into 3 or 4 sections. Typically under 8 years/ 8 & 9 years/ 10 & 11 years/ 12 years & over. Within these age splits, we usually present the awards at the end of each sub section. This usually works really well and means less waiting around for dancers. 

Awards are presented to all finalists. This varies slightly between each event but is usually 

Teams- Large cup awarded to winning teams/ smaller cup awarded to all other teams 

Solos- Trophy for 1st- 3rd/4th then medals for all remaining places 

Duos- Trophy for 1st-3rd then medals for remaining places 

For everyone- medals for taking part which will be given to teacher at start of event 

Please make sure you have read and are familiar with all the rules on our website available here 

Teacher Discount 
Teachers will receive a discount from every wristband solo for our events. This is usually £1-£3 per event subject to schedule which will be taken off your final invoice for bands. Look our for our rewards scheme coming in 2024! 

We have a section on music played at our events available here. This includes sample playlists which is really useful for teachers to use in rehearsal. 

Team Criteria & Feedback 
Information on the criteria our judges use is available here

You will also receive team feedback sent via email within 1 week of the competition. 

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