Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Welcome to the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, an iconic venue within one of the UK’s most celebrated landmarks. Built in 1894, the Blackpool Tower has become a beloved symbol of Britain. 

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom, opened its doors in August 1894 embodying grandeur and elegance. Its magnificent floor, measuring 120 feet by 102 feet, is crafted from 30,602 individual blocks of mahogany, oak, and walnut, providing an exquisite surface for dancers.

One of the Ballroom’s enchanting features is the Wurlitzer organ, first installed in 1929 and upgraded in 1935. The inscription above the stage, “Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear,” from Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis, adds a poetic touch to this historical venue.

The Ballroom’s history is rich with tradition and resilience. In 1956, a devastating fire destroyed the dance floor and the restaurant below. Remarkably, it was restored to its former splendor over two years, costing £500,000, and involving many famous designers. This dedication to preservation led to the Ballroom being listed as a Grade I building in 1971.

With its opulent interior, the Blackpool Tower Ballroom has hosted countless events, including the famed Strictly Come Dancing, making it a prestigious milestone for competitors. The Ballroom’s vast floor space and stunning crystal chandeliers, which take over a week to clean, create a breathtaking setting for any dance performance.

For over a century, the Blackpool Tower Ballroom has been a beacon of elegance and a premier destination for dancing enthusiasts. Its combination of historical charm and modern functionality makes it a perfect venue for our vibrant street dance events, continuing to enchant audiences with every performance.

Directions & Car Parking

Parking: The venue does not have an onsite car park however there is plenty of car parks in Blackpool within walking distance to the venue.

Blackpool Tower Postcode– FY1 4BJ

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

On arrival, please familiarise yourself with the emergency exits in the venue.

Blackpool Tower has a two-stage alarm system. Stage 1 is an intermittent sounding alarm indicating that attendees should prepare to evacuate. Stage 2 is a more continuous sounding alarm indicating that attendees should proceed to their nearest emergency exit. 

The assembly point for Blackpool Tower is on Bank Hey Street (the street that runs between the Tower and Hounds Hill shopping centre). 

Do not attempt to re-enter the venue unless instructed by the on-site staff or the attending fire officers. No access will be permitted until the Duty Manager or the attending officers give full site safety clearance.

If you are a responsible adult accompanying an event participant and it is safe to do so, please try to locate your dance school lead person at the assembly point to let them know that you have safely evacuated the building.

Changing Facilities

Dancers are strictly not permitted to change in the ballroom or the corridors unless they are wearing a base layer (leotard, shorts, or crop top). If anyone needs to change during their time with us, please use one of the changing facilities. Dancers of school age or younger must be accompanied by an adult or a chaperone while changing. Please ask a member of the OTB team if you are unsure where these are located.

For safeguarding reasons, participants up to school-leaving age must be accompanied by a responsible adult into the changing area. It is strictly prohibited to take photos or videos in this area. Changing in public areas is not permitted at our events and our staff will monitor this throughout the event. 

First Aid

Should anyone require medical assistance at any time during their visit, please alert any of our staff or venue staff. There will be multiple first aiders available throughout the event mainly located at the side of the stage.

Food & Drink Policy

Blackpool Tower operate a strict policy that event attendees are not permitted to bring own food/drink to the event with the exception of 1 x 500ml sealed bottled of water. Bag searches may take place on arrival and any other food & drink items will be confiscated and can be collected from the security team on departure. Anyone with allergies/medical conditions requiring own food to be brought in must bring proof of this to present to the Tower security team.

There will be a refreshments bar in the Ballroom serving a variety of hot/cold drinks and food options. The Tower is also situated within Blackpool town centre where there are various cafes/restaurants/food outlets available.

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