OTB Awards System (excludes teams)

Our New Awards System

The awards part of the day we have always been a bit frustrated with at our events. We know for a lot of teachers, you might struggle to hear results over the cheers and are often running around trying to find dancers to collect their awards as well as make a note of the results and take photos too. The floor can get crowded and can feel a little chaotic at times as well as taking up a considerable amount of time. We have devised a new system which we have tried and tested now a few times. The feedback has been really good and we will continue to use at most of the sections at our events.  

Here’s how it works:

Immediate Recognition: After each final performance, dancers will be presented with their awards right on the spot.

Powered by Technology: Thanks to our state-of-the-art electronic judging software, our compere now has instant access to the judges’ results as soon as they finish marking. This allows us to announce the results promptly.

A New Presentation Approach: Dancers will be invited to move towards the stage immediately following their final performance, forming a line facing the stage. The results will be announced in reverse order, just as we do with teams. Spectators will then be invited forwards for photos with the dancers in their line up.

Smooth Transition: While this photo opportunity unfolds, the next event will be announced on to the floor so our floor staff can check numbers , ensuring a seamless transition and saving time. Dancers & photographers leaving the presentation are kindly requested to exit to the sides of the floor, rather than walking through the competitors.

Why have we made this change?

  • Reduced Wait Times: No more long waits of up to 30-60 minutes for results which we felt was a long time especially for younger dancers, in some cases where they might even dance once at the start of solos and if it was a straight final,  then wait until after all the rounds. 
  • Improved Accessibility: Our new approach ensures that the presentation floor remains accessible, making it easier for dancers to receive their awards, snap memorable photos, and exit gracefully.
  • Instant Relevance: Immediate award presentation enhances the connection between the results and the performance.

A Small Request: To keep the process smooth and efficient, we kindly ask that each dancer be accompanied by no more than one spectator during the photo sessions (unless teachers also wish to participate).

No doubt it will take a bit of getting used to however we believe that this fresh approach will make everyone’s experience with us better over time. 

We have been using this system at another event recently so if you want to see it in action to understand it better here is a link to the video – https://vimeo.com/862908048/b5158c6684?share=copy

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